Sunday, July 20, 2014

Relay for Life 2014

This year Relay for Life was held out in Nibley at the Heritage Park.  I wasn't too sure about the venue at first, but I ended up really liking it.  I hope they do it there again!

Travis actually got to go on stage this year and play guitar.  He had an entire hour to set up, play and take down.  His mom and dad and Jamie came out to listen/watch him.  He did a really good job too.

My sister did some face painting as a fundraiser.  My kids loved it.

 Samantha performed with her dance group again this year.  They did all their dances they learned in the summer session.

More face painting photos

Final lap

It was nice to not be in charge of the silent auction this year.  I was a bit worried when I saw how high some of the minimum bids were.  I found out later that all but one item sold so I was happy to hear that.  It seemed like there were fewer items than what there has been in the past but it could have just been the way it was set up.
Our total $ number at the end of the event (not including the silent auction money) was just over $64,000.  I was disappointed to hear that.  Granted, $64K is still a lot of money, and we can turn money in until the end of the calendar year, BUT we've never had a number that low in the entire six years I've been doing Relay.  In fact, we've never done less than $90K as a final total.  I sure hope our numbers go up.  I can't figure out why our numbers were so low because according to our chair, we were on target all year long.  Plus, I know that my team did more money on site than we have EVER done.  We did over $300 in fundraising on site.  We never do more than about $50 and because of that we almost didn't take anything up there with us.  I'm glad we did!  I've already said I will help again next year.  I'd prefer not to do Sponsorship but now that I've done it 3 yrs in a row, it's a bit easy to do it.  It's really just a matter of making time to go out and make the contacts face to face instead of over the phone.  Mom and I have already started formulating ideas on how to improve our fundraising totals for next year.  Our team has done $838.30 and we still have another $150 to turn in so we will be sitting at $988.30.  That's not too bad since my team goal was $1,000 and it's generally (not always) just me doing the fundraising efforts.  I did like that Sam and Nash got in on the fundraising efforts this year.  Sam raised about $70 and Nash raised about $65 just by going to the teachers and staff at their school and asking if they'd like to donate.  I think it helped that they made it a competition between themselves too :)

Here's to next year!

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