Saturday, August 30, 2014

Floating the Oneida Narrows

Our last big hoo-rah before school started was a camping trip to the Oneida Narrows with my mom and dad, Uncle Doug, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Darwin, Aunt Debbie, Melissa & Braxton.  Travis, Sam & Nash had floated the river before with Melissa & Doug but I had never done it.  I wasn't too sure this was a good idea when we left home.  
We lucked out and had a great camping site.  The kids went to the water immediately and promptly made friends.  Then they ended up borrowing the peddle boat their friends had & played around on it!

On Saturday we floated the river for the first time.  I felt so bad!  My mom hit a rock in the first set of rapids.  She didn't make it too far before her tube was flat.  My dad helped her get on his tube and he got out of the water (he's floated before and mom hasn't).  Mom had to wait 20 minutes for Doug and Melissa to come by but eventually they made it!  We had a good float and ended up going to the stopping point (mom only went to the half way point).  Brooke rode in my tube with me and Caleb rode in a tube with Travis.  Sam & Nash had their own tubes.  We let Brooke, Caleb & Sam out at the half way point.  Poor Nash got dumped out on the second half of the river but he recouped fast!

We floated the river on Sunday too.  My mom and dad left early and didn't float with us.  They did take Brooke & Caleb home with them though because they didn't want to float again.  That made it much easier for me!  Brandon & Katie came up and Brandon floated with Braxton this time.

My butt found a rock under the second bridge.  This is after we came out from under the bridge and I was suffering from my rock collision!

There is this nice jumping rock on the second half of the river.  We stopped both days & Nash & Travis jumped off multiple times.  Travis did a flip off of it on Saturday and ended up hurting himself so he wouldn't do it again!

It was a fun float and I think we're going to make it an August tradition!  So much fun!

A few days after we got home this is what my knee looked like (major crash at the half way point).

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