Monday, March 6, 2017

A new day, a new dr, a new possibility...

I took Caleb into the Wellness Clinic today for a drop test with JanaLee.  For the first time since he started working with her in October 2015, he tested in the normal range on everything she tested!  This is both good and bad news for us.  It's good because it means his body is finally in balance and things are getting to where they need to be.  It's bad because she's at a point that she doesn't know what else she can do to help him.  She asked if I would be willing to see the naturopath and I told her that at this point, I'm willing to try anything!  I was in the middle of scheduling an appointment when the naturopath (Eric Ohling) came out and asked if I had a minute.  Apparently JanaLee had gone back and talked to him and he had some time.  Caleb and I went back and met with him.  I really liked him.  The first thing he told me was, "I think I have something that can help him."  There is an amino acid chain that was created as an alternative to the growth hormone (can't remember the name of it now).  It doesn't have any of the possible bad side effects that the growth hormone does.  He said the only down side is that insurance doesn't typically pay for it and it runs $270/month.  It is an injection but it's with an insulin needle so it's a teeny needle.  It's one injection a day in the stomach but because the needle is so small he really wouldn't feel much.  He said that he typically uses it with adults so he's got to do some research on dosing for someone Caleb's size.  He sent us over to the lab at the hospital to do another blood test.  He's checking his IGF-1 levels (hormone and insulin).  We've got another appointment next Monday and he should have the blood work results back by then.  Hopefully this is something that will at least help him grow.  I worry about him getting teased at school.  Last year a few of the kids were pretty unkind about his size - asking him why he wasn't in the kindergarten hall, etc.  I worry that as he gets older the kids will just get meaner about it.  Plus, my gut keeps telling me there's something more going on and to keep pursing it.  It's because of that feeling that I've been so persistent in figuring out what's keeping him from growing.  People keep saying, "Well, maybe he's just going to always be small."  Well, maybe, but my gut says keep digging.  So, I'm still digging.  Here's hoping for new answers next week.

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