Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday drive to the ER

Well, I was hoping we were doing better...Nash only threw up once yesterday. Unfortunately, he threw up nearly a dozen times today. He couldn't keep down water, Motrin, Tylenol, 7-up...
At 6:30 we went to the emergency room. They gave him some nausea medicine they give cancer patients. It's called Zofron. Not too much later, he was still throwing up. So, we had to redo his IV. The poor nurse tried to put it in his foot with no success (she even used lidocaine to numb it so he wasn't wiggling so much). She said he was just so dehyrdated that his veins were pretty flat and so they were hard to get to. So, we had to put his IV back into his left hand where he had it all week last week. Luckily she got it on the first try (probably helped that she used a smaller needle). At this point he was telling the nurse that he hated her. Poor guy!
After getting his IV in, they put more Zofron into his IV. They let him watch a SpongeBob movie while his IV was going. Thank heavens for SpongeBob! After nearly all of his IV had gone in, he was a bit perkier and sucking on a popcicle.
They sent us home with a couple extra Zofron (just in case) and left his IV in. Hopefully this will save us a sticking tomorrow when we go to see the pediatrician - and heaven forbid, if we need to hydrate him again we won't have to start yet another IV. The nurse tonight did say that they should be able to draw blood from his IV tomorrow so we'll cross our fingers and hope it's an uneventful night!

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