Tuesday, May 13, 2008

9 & 7/8 jr.

Ok, so for those that don't know - One of the guys that works with Trav started calling him 9 & 7/8 last summer after he got his finger cut off. It's been the big ha ha but he's taken it in good stride. Well, today I learned my son follows in his father's footsteps a little too closely!

Nash & Samantha had been downstairs playing. I told Nash to come up and use the bathroom (we're 3/4 of the way potty trained). When he came upstairs I noticed he had a handful of pencils in his hand. I asked him if he'd been in my office, which he had. I told him he needed to stay out of my office b/c he could get hurt (all my sewing & scrapbook stuff is in there & I know he had to climb onto a stool & then onto my desk in order to get the unsharpened pencils). Well he asked me if I had a pencil sharpener. I told him no that him & Sam had lost it and besides that he wasn't allowed to have a pencil anywhere other than the kitchen table b/c he colored on my walls yesterday! After assuring me he'd stay out of my office he headed down the stairs to go play so I went into the laundry room to change laundry. Not 10 seconds later I hear screaming. Nash comes running into the laundry room & shows me his thumb which is covered in blood. I hauled him to the kitchen sink & ran his thumb under water only to discover he'd taken a nice gash out of his thumb right around and on the top joint. After holding it in cold water for as long as he'd let me I wrapped a towel around it and applied pressure (fingers bleed SO much!). Well Nash didn't like the towel around his hand but when he'd take it off he'd freak out b/c of the blood. So after trying to call Amy's house across the street & calling my mom & not getting an answer I threw the kids in the car & headed for the shop b/c I knew there was a first aid kit there & we were definately in need of something other than a bandaid! We were able to just barely catch Aunt Cass & Grandpa Larry as they were leaving & got him all bandaged up. When I got home I took Nash downstairs (b/c I was sure that was where he had been when he got hurt) and asked him to show me what he got cut on so that we could pick it up so no one else got cut. He kept telling me he wanted me to hold him & rock him but since there isn't a rocking chair that I can get to right now he was out of luck. He finally told me "bedroom" and I thought he meant that he wanted to go lay down in my bedroom so I took him upstairs and put him on the couch and started a movie. He fell asleep a few minutes later & Samantha wanted to watch cartoons so I took her in our room to turn on the TV. That's when I found the culprit. One of Trav's big knives with the blade laying open and sitting on the floor next to our waterbed. The pencils were on the dresser so I knew that was where he had been. I'm just glad he didn't end up with a knife in his foot! Heaven only knows we lucked out this time!! (After telling Trav what had happened he remembered he found this knife with the blade open the other day & the thought had crossed his mind that Nash had gotten it open. He closed the blade & was going to move it but got sidetracked and forgot.)

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