Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Camping

Despite my better judgement, we went camping Friday night & came home Saturday afternoon. I say "despite my better judgement" because I know how stressful going camping with 2 kids can be and since I'm supposed to be trying to get my blood pressure to go down, well...I just didn't figure it would be a fabulous idea to say the least. We had a really good time though!
We headed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon around 5 pm Friday night. Travis made the comment that it looked like deer hunting season because there were so many people already camped out.
In spite of all the people, we kept driving & went up Left Hand thinking there would be something up there. Word to the wise: if you are 9 months pregnant, DO NOT go up that road very far. I thought for sure Travis was going to put me in labor! I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for about 2 1/2 weeks & was having them again as we drove up the road. On top of the contractions, the baby was kicking pretty regular & my seatbelt kept getting tighter & tighter with the more bumps we hit.
Eventually we came to where we could turn & go to Right Hand or go toward Old Ephraim's grave. We went toward Old Ephraim's Grave & kept driving. (Those that know the area know how long of a drive this is!) The kids were troopers for the entire ride (probably a good 1-2 hours) but Samantha kept asking if we were there yet!
Finally, we took a "road less traveled" & found a spot that we could make work. We got to dig our own fire pit & Travis used the shovel as a machete to make room for the camping palace but, we got everything set up pretty quickly.
Travis was really good to let me sit for most of the setting up process & after everything was set up, I climbed into the back of the truck (yeah, imagine that one) & put my feet up because they were swelling - again. The night wasn't too cold & the kids did really good sleeping in their own sleeping bags on their own air mattress & not in the middle of us! It wasn't even too cold this morning.
My thought process this morning led me to the conclusion that if Travis was going to insist on our going camping, I was going to insist on getting some rest & trying to remain stress free. I spent a good share of the morning lying down with my feet up & kept telling myself I was doing a good job & that my blood pressure would for sure be down when we got home.
We packed everything up & headed home around 3 or so this afternoon. We came out Temple Fork Road & headed into Logan. Travis decided we'd stop at his mom & dad's house before we went home. The kids had napped all the way out of the canyon & were pretty excited to see Grandma & Grandpa when they woke up. And, since Grandpa had the sprinklers going on the lawn they had the great idea to run through the sprinklers (great way to wash off some of that camping dirt)!
After having dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's house & even letting mom & dad get a nap in, we headed home. I was curious to see what my blood pressure was because I thought I had done such a great job of remaining stress free for the last 24 hours. HA! My blood pressure was 144/88 when we got home. The dr. told me at my last appointment on Wed. if I hit 140/90 they were going to be a lot more concerned about toxemia. So much for a relaxation attempt!!
Oh well, we had a lot of fun & like I told Travis: "If dirt is any indication of fun, Nash had a blast!"

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