Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hyrum Farmer's Market

Ok, so the first picture doesn't have anything to do with the Hyrum Farmer's Market. I took the kids down to my mom's house this past week and let the kids go swimming. Brooke was soo happy and smiley. I got about a half dozen pictures of her like this one, just grinning ear to ear. You can even see one of her dimples. I held her over the edge of the pool and let her put her piggies in the pool too. She loved it. I think she will be a water baby too, it just took a little while for her to warm up to the idea!
Hyrum has started a Farmer's Market on Thursday nights from 6-830 pm. You just pay the booth fee ($25) one time and then you can go as many weeks as you want to & don't have to pay again. I figured I'd give it a shot. Not only did I make my booth fee back, I sold a total of $43! That's the best I've done all summer long! $5 of it belonged to my mom, but the rest was mine. I told Sam & Nash I'd pay them if they'd help watch Caleb. Surprisingly, Nash was the better babysitter of the two this time! I gave Nash $3 and Sam $2 for helping. They were pretty happy with that (so was I).
They had free face painting while we were there, so of course the kids had to have that done. Nash got a mouse on his cheek:
There is a couple that lives in their camp trailer at my dad's shop. The wife, Summer, and her little girl, Sydney, came up and stayed with us at the market. Sydney is about 10 months old and is a cutie pie. Summer and I have been becoming friends and I invited her to come to the market with me because she has started crocheting the baby hats with ears. I hope she wasn't disappointed that she didn't sell any of her hats that first night. I told her I bet come Sept. they'll sell like crazy! Here is a picture of Sydney playing with Caleb's shoes:
Brooke was a good baby the whole time we were there. I pumped before we went so I had a bottle she could drink while we were gone. As long as she was being rocked in the carseat or bounced on a lap, she was a happy girl.
I took a picture of the stand with all my pillowcase dresses on it. I've also put a few of my mom's reversible aprons on it as well. I was surprised it was as full as it was! Guess I have more dresses done than I thought I did! Guess when I finish the 11 I have left I'll have a full rack for a little while!
Sam had a pink & purple puppy painted on her face:
Caleb got the same mouse as Nash did, but on his hand. It was so cute because he came up to me and held out his hand & said, "There's a mouse in the house!" He was stuck on the mouse in the house for the rest of the night! No idea where he picked that up from!
My dad came up while we were up there (mom was working until close). I had apricots from their apricot tree to sell for them & he brought up more. I ended up getting demoted from apricot seller because I apparently did not have them placed in a good enough location for them to sell. So, dad gave all the apricots to the stand next to me to sell. Nice. Thanks dad. While he was there, Sam conned him into buying her these lime green flip flops with taffeta tied on them. They were only a dollar, but still! Of course, once he bought something for Sam, he had to buy something for Nash. Nash got a grab bag thing with a big ball and car in it along with some of those rubber band bracelets. Dad told them they'd have to clean at the shop to earn that dollar. Sure they will. We'll see how that goes! I have no idea how he got out of buying Caleb something. I think Caleb was playing with some other kids & didn't know what was going on! My Relay for Life team has actually talked about making these flip flops to sell at our booth next year for part of our fundraising. I don't know that I'd sell them for $1 though! The flip flops at JoAnns are still about $1.60 right now & it's the end of the season!
My sister stopped by the other day to drop off an Avon order. Avon has this new line Tiny Tillia that has a bunch of super cute baby stuff. I ordered way too much for Brooke (piggy hooded towel, wash clothes, bath book, bath wash, lotion). We put the girls on the floor next to each other. For some reason every time we do Brooke gets sad. I don't know if it's because we're being goofy over them, trying to get them to smile or what! At least Sunny was happy! I think Sunny looks so much older than Brooke & they're only 2 months & 1 day apart!

The other night Sam & Nash had been watching movies down in the boys' room. Caleb fell asleep & their movie was over so of course they came upstairs. After about 20 minutes I looked over and saw this. I had to giggle. I wonder if Sam could smell Nash's feet! I didn't even move them before I went to bed. I figured they'd move on their own eventually!

Yesterday I got slammed with something - pretty sure it's mastitis. Going to have to call the dr. tomorrow. It totally kicked my butt today. I went to bed at 10 pm last night (that hasn't happened in ages!) because my mom kept the older 3 over night. I stayed in bed until about 2 pm today and was only up for about an hour and then went back to bed. I stayed in bed again until about 7 pm. Mom brought the kids home shortly after that. She took them to Bear Lake today and they had a blast. We haven't been over there since about Labor Day last year and they've asked a few times to go. It's almost 11 pm & I'm starting to feel a little better. My fever broke earlier and I've gotten in the tub 2 times today. I did have Brooke with me all day & I'm sure glad she's such a good baby. She either slept with me in my bed while we snuggled or we laid in my bed & she just grinned and talked to me.
Next week we are going to head to Lake Powell for part of the week. We haven't been for about 2 years so it should be interesting. We didn't have too good of a time last time we went & Travis swore we wouldn't go back without our own boat. It's him pushing to go this year, which surprises me, but, we'll see how it goes. At least we get to stop in Manti & see Grandpa & Grandma Bown on our way down.
Nash's 1st grade teacher is doing a home visit tomorrow. That should be fun. I know who she is, but I haven't officially met her yet. Plus, I'll be able to send supplies from the "donation list" with her. I hate those lists - especially when I have my own classroom to furnish. What really irks me about 1st grade though is that they want every parent in the class to send a snack/treat EVERY SINGLE MONTH ALL YEAR LONG! I'm sorry, the kindergarten teachers didn't ask us to do that. We could send birthday treats if we wanted to, but that was all they asked for. They say that it's because they're now in school all day and they get hungry throughout the day so they need a snack. Ok, Sam went to kindergarten full day & she was fine! I didn't have to send treats with her then. I was really irked when I had to send them with her. I guess my feeling is that my kid eats breakfast at home and then eats lunch at school. It's only a few hours between breakfast & lunch & lunch & the time they come home. Either the school can provide treats/snacks or they kid can wait til they get home! Is that awful of me to feel that way?

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Cute pics of Brooke. Hope you're feeling better. That does stink about the snack thing. Don't think I would want to do that.