Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Phone Dump

So, I've had the cell phone I have now for quite awhile. Funny that I'm just now figuring out how to get the pictures I take on it onto my computer (no, I don't have an sd card in this phone like I did the last one). So, I've decided I should probably do a regular "phone dump" to get all my pictures from my phone to my computer so I don't lose any. You will notice there is a huge variety. Unfortunately, I've deleted some I wish I would've kept. These ones were my favorites though so they got to stay when the decision had to be made which ones to get rid of to make more room on my card! I can only imagine what my husband thinks goes on around here since this is how he sees his kids growing up (at least for the last 2 1/2 years anyway)!

Caleb & his "gogglers":
Caleb with awesome tub hair:
Nash in the tub (I had to edit the photo) pulling an awesome face for me:
Bob & her freakishly huge bow:
Nash & the fish he caught with Grandpa Larry:
Bob RIGHT after she was born (check out those cheeks! No wonder she got stuck, right?):
Trav & Caleb (the pic was so small on my phone I never noticed the face Caleb was pulling until I uploaded it onto the computer!):
Caleb again:

Look! Sam has 2 missing front teeth! Now this is what I call face painting! Pretty sure it was at Founder's Day in Wellsville when Caleb was just little:
Caleb making "cowboy cakes" with his dad (no wonder he wants to help cook when his dad goes back to work!):
Caleb the Mud monster:
Bob pulling faces at Nash:
First time Nash got to see & hold Bob:
Bob just a few hours old:
Caleb painted one set of toenails green this week:
Caleb the dirt monster:

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