Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new adventure

Last week I accepted a new job! I had interviewed earlier in the week and they said they'd let me know by Friday. Since I interviewed on Tue. I figured that since I hadn't heard from them by Thursday morning that I hadn't gotten the job. Stupid since they had told me I'd know by Friday. But, I figured they'd want the person to start asap so they'd probably let them know on Wednesday. Not long after I talked to Laura, my girlfriend that does my daycare, & told her I'd probably be going back to South Cache to work, I got a phone call offering me the job!

I will be teaching the Gifted & Talented program for Cache District. They hired 4 of us, so I'm thinking I'll be visiting the schools from Mendon to Nibley. I will be at a different school every day Monday-Thursday. On Friday I will be out at the district office doing prep. I will work 4 hours a day. The hours I work will depend on the administration at each school I visit. So, I could work from 9-1 one day & 10-2 the next. Who knows?! The kids I will be working with were identified as Gifted or Talented last spring and are in 3rd-5th grade. This job is also a pay increase from my ESL aide position at South Cache.

I am really excited about taking this job. It not only gets my foot a little further in the door at the district office, but also at 4 different elementary schools in the district. It also gives me the opportunity to get my license renewed. I don't think I posted about the license upgrade stress I'm having. To put it briefly - my license expired, I need to upgrade, Ogden won't upgrade me, I have to get an extension for a year to teach on, the district I teach with under my extension can recommend me for an upgrade after I teach there for a year. I'm also excited about this job because since it's only 4 hours a day, I will still be able to get Sam to dance & piano. I won't have all the stress that goes with a "regular" teaching job either. One lesson will last me an entire week! The only kink this job will potentially throw my way is getting Caleb to & from preschool. Fortunately my mother & her bff love me & are willing to help me out!

In other news....

Today I take Caleb to his open house at pre school. I can't believe he's starting already! Before I know it Sam will be driving & Brooke will be going to school all day! I never thought the days would fly by so quickly when I was 10 years old. It seems that every year the days go by faster and faster. How do you manage to hold onto your sanity? Not to mention all the things you want to do before it's too late? Caleb has been so excited to start pre school. Every day that we take the big kids to school he has to take his "pack pack" and wants to know where HIS lunch is. I've tried to explain he isn't going to need a lunch even when he does start going. I think I might have to buy another lunch box though!

Sam has been loving school. I think she's glad she finally gets a break from her brothers again! She was excited when she came home after the first day of school because she had learned to write a cursive i and cursive t. I am excited for her. Third grade is my favorite grade to teach. They learn so many new things & by the end of the year they are no longer little kids! She started back in piano last week. I can't believe how good she's getting. Her teacher said she could tell I made her practice every day over the break. We also went back to dance yesterday. This year she's in Jr. Company. This is the 4th-6th graders. Yes, older girls than her. I had asked her dance teacher which class to register her for at the end of summer session & she said she wanted to try her in the older girls class because she had been doing so well. After class last night I asked her if it was going to be too hard or not. She said there was only 1 song that was too fast & she was having a hard time with. I told her not to worry, it was only the first day back and she'll get it soon. I was happy to see they have the entire performing schedule posted. Looks like Disneyland & California Adventure will be the last few days of March. Who wants to keep my monsters then? :P

Nash has been liking school but I think he mostly just tolerated it yesterday. Apparently they were outside most of the day learning the playground rules, etc. The whole school did it. I know how he feels though because the school I taught at in Ogden did the same thing and it was tiring & made for a very long day!

We are getting ready for the girls' baptism/blessing day. We are doing it on Sat. Sept. 10th @ 10 am. I've bought Sam's dress & my mom is working on Brooke's. I'm excited to see them together. They are going to match so well! So far I've invited over 100 people. We'll see how many show up! We are doing lunch at our place afterward. If I've skipped you with an invite, please let me know! Everyone is welcome!


Tannie Datwyler said...

That job sounds fabulous Misty. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I think I might miss my own classroom, but it really sounds fabulous other than that.

Good luck with the blessing/baptisms, that will be really special.

Justin & Ashlee said...

Congrats on the new job! That is exciting. Good luck!