Thursday, September 1, 2011

Phone & Camera Dump

You know, I've decided I like doing these phone dumps. Why? Because I think it reminds me of what really happened during the week - you know, all the things I'd like to remember AND forget!

Little sister has been rather happy - as long as she's doubled up on Tylenol & Ibuprofen for her incoming teeth!

I got the girls' room painted this week. Whole room in a matter of hours - taped off & all. As I told my husband, "It looks like a cotton candy machine threw up in here." As long as Sam likes it though, it's fine. And, since I've started putting things on the wall I've decided it isn't so bad. It does still glow at night though - literally GLOWS.

Got a case of raspberries today & every time I look over, this is what I find!

Donut lips!

Little sister is learning how to blow spit bubbles these days...

My poor red maple tree. Aphids got it good this year. You can tell how far up they've gotten. Guess I'm going to break down & buy ladybugs in May & see if that actually does anything to help.

Went to Make It With Mandy last night & made 4 things. I love Halloween decor.

Little sister is LOVING her bath time.

She's going to be rolling over in here soon. If I could get the kids to stay out while she's in the tub I wouldn't worry. But, alas, not going to happen!

Caleb FINALLY pooped in the potty this week. Not once, but TWICE. So, he got his "DS" that he picked out MONTHS and MONTHS ago. Since I gave it to him he hasn't pooped in the potty again. Dang it....

I took Caleb & Brooke to Walmart the other day. I told Caleb he could have these donuts if he was a good boy the ENTIRE time we were in there. I think he's enjoyed them thoroughly!

Bought a big box of peaches with those raspberries today....they are TASTY!

And last, but not least is this one. I'm fairly certain this boy is going to be the water master of whatever town he lives in when he's older!

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