Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The things this kid says

I'm sitting at the computer uploading pix to the last post & facebook. Caleb is upstairs and is suppose to be downstairs in bed. He took a nap today so obviously that's way too much to expect.

Me: Caleb, come here. What are you doing?
Caleb: Just....being a dork.
Me: What? Why are you a dork?
Caleb: Because I just have 1 eye.
Me: What? Why do you have 1 eye? Where is the other one?
Caleb: It just popped out.
Me: Ok. Caleb, what time is it?
Caleb (with a rather large grin on his face): It's WAFFLE time! Mom, please make me a waffle?
Me: No Caleb, it's not waffle time, it's bed time. What time is it?
Caleb: It's Waffle time!

At least it was pretty dang funny & quite creative. Now, if I can just get the stinker to bed!

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Justin & Ashlee said...

He's been listening to Rylee and my dad's scary stories too much :) Rylee goes around in her scary voice saying, "I'm the lady with one eye and it's turning to blood!"