Monday, September 12, 2011

A baptism, a blessing, and a farewell

This weekend was suppose to be a happy weekend.  Unfortunately, that's not exactly how it turned out.  On Friday evening Grandpa Charlie, Grandma Ingrid and Aunt Tanya arrived at Grandpa Scott's house around 7 pm.  When they arrived, it looked as though Grandpa Charlie was sleeping.  Grandma Ingrid told Grandpa Scott that Grandpa Charlie and driven the entire way until they reached Brigham, when he began to complain of a headache and not feeling well.  They gave Grandpa a Tylenol and some Coke.  Grandpa was unable to keep the Tylenol and Coke down.  Grandma drove from Brigham to North Logan.  Grandma Ingrid insisted that Grandpa Charlie just needed to go inside and lie down and he would be fine - they had just had a long ride.  Grandpa Scott was unable to wake Grandpa Charlie up.  After about 30 minutes, Grandpa Scott and Grandma Kris convinced Grandma Ingrid to get in the car, something was wrong and they were taking Grandpa Charlie to the hospital.  Grandpa Charlie never woke up.  The doctors told Grandpa Scott, Grandma Kris and Grandma Ingrid that Grandpa Charlie was bleeding in his brain.  Unfortunately, because of the blood thinners he was taking for his pace maker they couldn't give him the medicine he needed to stop the bleeding or it would cause a major heart attack and stop his heart.  The doctors weren't sure if the bleeding was from when he fell and hit his head on Wednesday or not.  They said it is likely he was already bleeding into his brain prior to his fall because of the blood thinners and that the fall just made the bleeding worse.  When Grandpa Charlie began having difficulty breathing, he was placed on a ventilator and made comfortable.  Travis, Jamie, Chad and their cousins (with the exception of one) went to the hospital to tell Grandpa Charlie good bye.  At about 2:30 am on Saturday, Grandpa Charlie was taken off the ventilator.  He only lasted about 15 minutes before he was gone.  We are thankful that it was quick and relatively painless.  We are also thankful that each of the grandchildren was able to say their good byes.  We miss Grandpa Charlie dearly and it made for a very bitter sweet day.

After the baptism and blessing we had lunch at our place.  The weather was nice and cooperated for us.  We set tables up out in the backyard under the trees.  It started to sprinkle after everyone had left and everything was cleaned up.  I think that was Grandpa Charlie's way of letting us know he was with us.  In this picture from left to right: Aunt Sandy, Aunt Tanya, Sam, Grandma Ingrid & Brookelyn, Grandma Kris.

Samantha was so brave when it came time to be baptized.  I was worried about how she'd do.  Grandpa Scott was able to baptize her at our church house.  Just before Grandpa Scott dunked her she stalled a bit and told him to wait.  I think she wanted to be sure she had a good grip on her nose and a nice big breath.  She had been practicing going under the water in Grandma Terri's pool.  After just a short stall, she allowed Grandpa Scott to dunk her and she came up smiling so it must not have been too awful!

We were suppose to have a birthday celebration for Travis and his brother on Friday night.  Those plans were obviously tossed out the window.  So, we celebrated after lunch on Saturday.  We had cake and everyone sang to the boys.  Their boys even helped blow out their candles.

My Grandma Reeder made lemon bars.  I LOVE lemon bars.  I could eat an entire pan all by myself!  My Aunt Nikki and I were play fighting over the pan of lemon bars & I threatened to lick them all!  Travis was kind enough to take a photo of me with my lemon bars.  Guess I shouldn't have been being a smart alec when he had the camera!

Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Russ, Brooke & Sam.

 A few generations in this picture: Grandma Terri, Me, Sam, Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Russ & Brooke

So, although our weekend wasn't what we expected, it was still nice.  We all felt Grandpa Charlie's absence on Saturday during the baptism and blessing and continue to feel it today.  I am sure that we will continue to feel his absence for quite awhile.  Unfortunately I know from experience that the hurt does get easier with time.  Even though I know that it still doesn't make it any easier right now.  We are preparing to go to Mayfield for the funeral later this week.  I am grateful that we were able to stop and see Grandma Ingrid, Grandpa Charlie and Aunt Tanya on our way to Lake Powell so that Grandpa Charlie could meet Brookelyn.  I am also grateful that Travis was home so that he could say good bye.  We love you Grandpa Charlie.


Justin & Ashlee said...

I'm sorry to hear about Grandpa Charlie. My mom had told me what happened. Like you said, I'm glad it was painless. Congrats to Sam :) I love the picture of the girls with Gramps and Gram.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I'm so sorry!! That timing is crazy, but I'm glad things went as well as they could otherwise.