Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We are learning...

So this is the new version of our dad babysitting (ok, he was trying to do homework & entertain her at the same time). Turns out little sister loves Taylor Swift just as much as her big sister...go figure! Travis put it on CMT & she was going nuts watching Taylor Swift's video. I should have gotten it on video because it was pretty cute. She was kicking her feet and pumping her fists and making noise at the tv.

The other day I was outside pulling weeds. Samantha was suppose to be watching Caleb. I came in to check on the kids & the bathroom door was locked & I could smell polish. The guilty party? Caleb. He had chosen pink & orange nail polish & went to work. He actually did a pretty good job painting. He did get it on his skin though & dumped some on the floor. I got it cleaned up off the floor & made him sit down so I could get it off his skin. I took it off his skin & his nails....he started crying. I felt bad. I told him if he wanted polish it had to be invisible (clear) polish. He defiantly told me he wanted "purple". I told him he could have black on his toes but only clear on his fingers. Then I realized the black had sparkles in it. Oh well, socks cover it, right? So, he currently has a base coat on his fingernails and black with sparkles on his toes. His dad isn't very happy. I however find it a victory for him & me. The clear can't be seen & the black can be covered. Plus, by giving him the black he didn't get back into the polish to do it himself or throw a fit because he didn't get his way!

Brooke looked super cute in her outfit on Sunday, so I had to take a picture.

Brooke is learning to sit up. We've busted out the Bumbo (which I am sooo excited to have). If you look close you can see the grin on sister's face in each of these pictures. I think Charlotte likes the Bumbo too because she knows Brooke won't spin circles and kick her!

On Labor Day I did a booth down in Wellsville for their Founder's Day celebration. I had gone back to my expedition to get my display with my hair bows & was talking on the phone to Travis asking him to bring me my ribbon. I shouldn't have walked where I was walking & I shouldn't have been on the phone while carrying my bows, but....I did. And, I paid the price too. I went down & my elbow caught me. My phone ended up in the irrigation ditch along with me and the hair bows and the price list. The worst part was having 2 ladies witness it all! They were very kind & helped me up. One lady even offered to let me go to her place to get some dry clothes. It isn't the greatest picture, but here is a photo of my new road rash.

I have met with 3 of the 4 principals I will be working with. I have seen my room out at Millville and will be in the library at Canyon & Wellsville. They moved our training from today to next week because the girl doing the training has the flu. I'm getting more and more excited about this new job. I think it's going to be lots of fun and all the principals seem really open to the program & excited about it! Now, if we survive Saturday, we'll be doing good!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Cute updates!! I loved the story of Caleb and the nail polish. Brooklyn is getting so cute and big!