Sunday, December 4, 2011

Festival of Trees 2011

Samantha got to dance at Festival of Trees again this year with LaShars.  This year we went down on Friday and she actually danced quite a bit earlier than she did last year.  I don't think Nash or Samantha was too upset about being checked out of school after only 2 hours!
The drive down wasn't bad at all.  We took Travis's new truck (yes, his new truck - his recently died).  We got there with just enough time to do a costume change and make up before Samantha had to check in.

Little sister was just as happy as could be the entire time.  She didn't even nap the entire day!  She was up at about 9 am and didn't go to sleep until we got home after 11 pm!  She wasn't ornery at all, she just smiled and jabbered the whole entire time.

This is while we were waiting for Sam to start dancing.  Apparently Nash found some googlie eyes on the floor & decided it would be a good idea to place them on his tongue....DISGUSTING!

After Sam was done dancing we walked around to see all the trees, center pieces, gingerbread houses, etc.  I went through the gift center & found pvc pipe marshmallow guns for all 3 of my boys (yes, Travis too).  Travis took the kids over to the kids corner while I went through the gift center so he doesn't even know about the pvc marshmallow guns....will be a fun Christmas surprise!

Once we left Festival of the Trees and headed home, we decided to stop & see Travis's sister and her family in Farr West.  We had dinner and watched Water for Elephants while all the kids played.  It was lots of fun. Of course, it's always fun to go see Aunt Jamie & her family though.

Travis left about 11 am this morning for his next 2 weeks on.  It sounds like he'll only be in Pinedale for a few days and then have a bunch of shop days.  That's too bad - shop days always make his weeks drag on for forever.  I guess it will give him a chance to do a lot of homework though!

I did a boutique yesterday with my Usborne Books stuff.  I made a whopping $9 for 5 hours of work.  However, all my catalogs were taken & I might have a lead to sell my carseat canopys to some girls who would then turn around and do the selling at boutiques.  Should be interesting to see their proposal anyway.

Last night I was multi tasking and wrapped a bunch of presents while talking on the phone.  Maybe this year I won't be up until 2 am wrapping!  We'll see!  Today it's snowing and since Caleb woke up gasping for air with croup at about 1 am I'm not sure we'll be going anywhere.  I do need to put together a power point presentation for school & Nash has a Christmas project to work on for school.  So, if we don't venture out to church or insta care at least we will have something to do!  Have a great week!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

That sounds fun!! I love the pictures of Brooke - what a cutie.