Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa & Our Most Recent ER Visit

Tonight I left the 3 big kids with my mom while I went out to finish some Christmas shopping.  I had all the shopping done, had dropped off a Christmas stocking order & unloaded gifts into this year's official hiding location & was almost back to my mom's house when my phone rang.  
Mom: "How close are you?"
Me: "Down the street."
Mom: "I need you here IMMEDIATELY.  Nash put a staple through his thumb and I can't get it out."
Great......Apparently Nash had been loading staples into the stapler & it snapped shut on him & caught his thumb in it.  Both ends of the staple had gone through his thumb.  Fortunately, the one end wasn't in very far & my mom & brother were able to get that end out.  My mom was worried that the end of the other side had been folded over when it went in because it was in so deep.  You can kinda see in the picture that there is an indent at the spot where the staple is in his thumb.  I didn't dare try to pull it out because I was afraid it would break off.  Thus, Nash & I ventured to the emergency room.  Nash did really good.  I had to talk him down all the way to the ER because he was a bit hysterical though.  I got him talking and laughing and by the time we got to the ER he was fairly calm.  The dr. was going to give him laughing gas so he could pull the staple out & then found out the gas was in the engineering dept. and not available.  So, Nash held onto my hand and looked at me while the dr. used some small hand forceps to pull the staple out.  He didn't fight the dr. on it at all.  He did let out a yelp and he cried for a minute, but, he survived!  I told him the stapler must have known he needed an adventure and that's why it bit him.  After all, we haven't had a trip to the hospital since Brookelyn was born!

And, for the random photo of this post:  While Travis was home we took the kids to the mall to see Santa.  When I visited my sister's blog tonight & saw her Santa photo I realized I hadn't posted mine yet.  Not the most fantastic photo, but with 4 kids I don't expect I'll ever get the "perfect" photo!  Caleb looks goofy because we told him to smile & he started blinking his eyes like he was having some sort of spastic seizure.  At least his eyes are open & no one is screaming!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

You are the unluckiest woman when it comes to injuries and sickness!!! I read your blog in awe and can't believe things keep happening to you!! :)

And I think that picture with Santa is CUTE!!