Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 20 & 21

Little sister was being a ham again last night.  Don't mind my dork face in the photos.

This little girl LOVES her tub time.  I do believe I have another water baby on my hands.  Hard to believe after how much she screamed every time we put her in the lake at Lake Powell this past summer.  I think she's gotten over it now though!

Chewing on her piggy Mr. Sloshy

Yes, she's chewing on a cup.  It's the cup I use to wash hair.  Apparently, this one is going to be like her 3 yr old brother & enjoy drinking her bath water.  Disgusting, I know.

She kept standing up and then trying to decide if she wanted to sit down or not.  I thought she looked like a spider all hunched over like this.

Craft Night is BACK!  Wahoo!  I didn't go in December because it was canceled (too much going on with the holidays.)  I didn't go in January or February because I was too dang broke after Christmas!  I just couldn't stay away any more though.  I got some cute St. Patty's day decorations done tonight & Sam had a blast playing with one of my fifth graders from Millville!

I love this wreath!  The center board comes out (it's just tied onto the wreath with the fabric).  On The Avenue does a different center piece for each month/holiday.  Now I'll have to get those in addition to doing my bead board ones (above).  Can't wait to see what's on the blog for next month!
And, a random side note about On The Avenue.  They are doing doing a blog post on Saturdays on their blog (not the Super Saturdays with Mandy link, the actual On The Avenue link above on the left under favorite links) about how you can decorate your home using their products (or similar products).  Mandy said tonight that if we took pictures to show how we used our items to send them to her & she'd share.  She loves seeing how people use the stuff they make!  I told her I'd get snappin'!

Not the greatest picture on this one.  I took the picture with my phone because I didn't have my camera.  We gave my mom this puzzle for Christmas.  It's hard to tell, but each piece has a picture of a tiny tractor on it.  You put all the pieces together & you get a picture of a big tractor.  My mom loves doing puzzles.  In fact, she got about 6 for Christmas.  I hate puzzles.  They drive me nuts!  Especially ones like this where you have to look at only the shape of the piece and nothing else!  Guess I get it from my Grandpa Russ!  Well, mom finally got this put all the way together last week & if you look close, there's a piece on the lower left that's missing!  When we gave her the puzzle I told her we wanted to glue it together & put it in a frame so we could hang it in the boys' room.  Tonight she told me she was going to take the vacuum bag & dump it out to see if she could find it in there.  I hope she finds it.  The boys (or at the very least Caleb) would love having this in their room!

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