Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Caleb & Bob

Ever since Brookelyn was born, Caleb has been adamant that Brookelyn's name was Bob.  Not Brookelyn, not Brooke, and certainly not Brookie.  We joked before she was born that her name would be Bob.  After she was born and she sounded like the snorting pug nose dog that my dad had (whose name was Bob), Travis started calling her Bob.  Thus, Caleb became convinced his sister's name was in fact, Bob.

Today Caleb took a poster to preschool to celebrate him for his birthday (he's a July birthday so we take it when we get it).  It was designed to look like a beehive and the very bottom hive said, "Something I can really "buzz" about is..."  Well, when I was working on filling this poster out, he was very into whatever it was he was doing and wouldn't give me the time of day.  So, I filled it out for him.  On this bottom piece of the hive, I wrote "I am a very good helper with my baby sister."

Today at Preschool when he was sharing his poster, his teacher (who we are friends with and know quite well), asks Caleb, "Caleb.  What is your baby sister's name?"  Knowing full well that his answer would be Bob.  To her surprise (and mine) he looked at her and said, "Um.  I can't remember."  What?!  So she asks him, "Caleb! What do you call Brookelyn?"  He looks at his teacher and smiles and says, "Oh yea!  Bob!"

What a kid!  I can't believe he said he couldn't remember his little sister's name!  I have been telling myself that he was probably trying to remember Brookelyn, not Bob.  But, who knows?!

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