Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 18 & 19

Brookelyn's reign of terror has officially begun:

She gets so stinking excited these days & just huffs & puffs & grins from ear to ear.  I was trying to catch the grin so some of my pictures are a bit blurry.

Did I mention sister bounces when she gets excited?

She loves her puffs.  I got her some of the freeze dried bananas & strawberries the other day.  She actually got most of them in her mouth rather than on the floor.  She was funny because she picked out the banana ones & left the strawberry ones!

This is her "Who?  Me?" face.

I love her big cheesy grin.  Notice the raised eye brow?  She is going to be a mischief lovin' girl!

I love these cheeks!  I could kiss them all day long!

I only got one picture today.  I ended up going to the dentist, taking the dog to the groomer, stopping at JoAnn's fabric (shocked gasp I know) and then running kids to piano.  However, I did manage to finish this baby present finally tonight!  It is fleece & ragged.  I thought the puppies were super cute.  I thought about stitching it in red and I think I would have liked it even more if I had done that.  I've been making them kind of big for a baby blanket, but I figure that way they can be used a lot longer!  This one is for Caleb's preschool teacher.

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