Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sam decides school assembly is "unfair"

Before Samantha even got in the Expedition after school today, she asks, "Where's Nash?"  I told her he was already in the Expedition.  As she's climbing into the truck she says, "Nash.  I am SO sorry you didn't get a certificate at the assembly today.  You totally deserve to get one.  I think your teacher should have picked you to get one."  I was completely baffled by what she was talking about.  Come to find out, the kids had an assembly at school today that was a Student of the Month sort of assembly.  Apparently certificates were given to students for things from "Best Cursive Handwriting" to "Reading" and "Math".  Not sure what the basis was for the awards or how students were chosen.  My daughter however, felt the outcome was, all in all, unfair.  After her statement about how unfair it was that her brother didn't get a certificate I hear, "I can't believe my teacher didn't choose me to get a certificate!  I'm an outstanding reader!"  I had to smile at that comment.  I told my kids, "Just because you didn't get a certificate this time doesn't mean you should quit trying to do your best."  Hopefully they will come to understand that life isn't about certificates, it's about learning simply for the joy of learning.  But, once again, I'm their mother (who also happens to be a teacher) so what the heck do I know?

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