Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 17

Samantha always wants to go ice skating for her birthday.  The last three or four years it has become tradition.  Well, this year we broke tradition.  Mostly by accident mind you.  We got to the ice rink at 3 to find out they close on Sundays at 330.  We then attempted to go to the Fun Park to roller skate.  They aren't open on Sundays.  So, we ended up at Logan Lanes for a bowling game.  Everyone but Brooke bowled.  I haven't been bowling since high school.  I went on a double date & the ball decided to go behind me.  Mortified me & I haven't been back since!  Until today....

Sam did good but her score wasn't too hot.  She came in last!

I did take two pictures of Nash, but the other one was blurry so I deleted it.  I was surprised at how good he did.  He didn't throw the ball down anyone else's lane!  And, he would even run up to the black line and then throw his bowling ball!

Caleb was fun to watch.  He just wanted to grab whatever ball he wanted and throw it down the lane.  Travis helped him every time it was his turn.  Good thing too because he had to stop the ball from jumping the gutter and going into the next lane over more than once!

Brooke was just happy to be along for the ride!  She sat in her car seat the whole time.  We took the stroller with us for the ice rink & when we opened it up we found her favorite baby doll - Jemima!  She was thrilled to have her along today!

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