Saturday, February 9, 2013

My boys go ice fishing

Travis has never been a fan of the idea of ice fishing.  Before today, he had been exactly ONE time.  I on the other hand, LOVE ice fishing.  My dad took us every winter when I was growing up.  I loved playing on the ice with my sister and the dog.  I loved having a little hole to keep the ice off of and pulling my fish up through said hole.  I've tried to get Travis to take my kids ice fishing over the years, but to no avail.
Today, however, the skies parted & he took them ice fishing while it was snowing!  They went out to Hyrum Dam (even though the Polar Plunge was taking place).  Took took Sam & Nash while I took Caleb to Instacare.  When I got back with Caleb Sam was ready to come home so he brought Sam home and took Caleb.  He said they missed a lot of fish but they had fun.  Caleb was the only one that caught anything AND he caught it on the spiderman fishing pole he got for Christmas!

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