Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sam's Family Birthday Party

This year for Sam's 10th birthday cake she wanted a pink & black zebra cake.  I'm not going to lie.  I didn't think I could pull it off.  In steps Pinterest.

1. Make 2 cakes mixes.  Either make 2 white ones & color them or do 2 different colors.  I did 1 Devil's Food & 1 Strawberry.
2. Plop a cupful of one batter into your prepared pan.
3. Plop a cupful of the second batter onto the first batter.
4. Repeat until pan is filled.
5. Bake as directed.

I had seen the cake tattoos (sugar sheets) and figured I might be able to find one.  I found some that was pink & black zebra BUT it was pre-cut into 2 strips that were to go around the edges of a 9 inch round.  Sam didn't like the package we saw with the pink & black zebra.  Thus, we opted for a square black & white one.

Ta day!  Pink & black zebra striped cake!  Yea, I'm awesome like that.

We had family come over for pizza, cake & ice cream tonight.  Even though Caleb has pink eye we still had a good turn out.  

Sister was so excited to find out she got a kareokee machine for her birthday!

I can't believe my baby girl is turning TEN!  It really does feel like she was just born yesterday.
Some of the things Sam likes are:

*Singing (Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, Carrie Underwood are some farvorites)
*Dancing (7 years at LaShars!)
*Reading (She will read any genre by any author - she isn't picky)
*Scrapbooking (Just got into it at Christmas time)
*Piano (Started lessons at 8 years old & still going strong)
*Playing dolls (She loves Torie still & treats her like she has real feelings)
*Crafting (Painting, creating, drawing - she loves it all)
*Playing with friends (She always includes everyone and never wants to hurt anyone's feelings)
*Snow Skiing (She had so much fun on ski day with her dad)
*TV Show favorites include: Full House re-runs, Victorious, iCarly, Spongebob
*Doing her own hair (Which includes brushing it & occasionally throwing on a headband)
*Hamburgers, Spaghetti, Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni)
*Eating ice (Thank you Grandma Kris)

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Once again... I'm in awe of your cakes. :) VERY cute!