Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Ice Skating

Over the last five years or so it has become tradition for us to go ice skating on Super Bowl Sunday before the big game.  We go with Travis's parents, siblings and their families.  We always have a lot of fun and the kids always ask every day for about a week after when we can go again.  Usually we go again for Sam's birthday a few weeks later.

This year was a lot of fun.  We pushed Brookelyn in her stroller and she loved every second of being on the ice.  She cried when we took her off.  She also got to ride in the sled with her cousin Olivia.  She absolutely loved that!

We got Caleb a walker since he's still fairly small.  Turns out the kid did better than most of the other kids!  We was a little goofy at first because he kept leaning over the front bar and sliding around on purpose.  He also kept falling down until I told him that if he didn't let go of the bar when he slid he wouldn't fall down.  He finally got the idea and quit falling down.

Sam wanted to push the stroller or hold onto a walker.  If we took those away she stayed fairly close to the edge.  She did eventually come away from the edge a little but she was still kind of wimpy about it!

Nash had no fear this year.  He knew he might fall but he wasn't afraid of doing it.  He didn't even complain much when we took the walker away from him!  He fell a lot this year but he didn't cry and he had a lot of fun.

It wasn't until I took this picture that I realized just how long Sam's hair has gotten.  We got Brooke this hat a day or two before.  She loves it!  It's an owl.

Caleb learning over that front bar trying to figure out how to ice skate with a walker.

Fearless Nash

Sam and Prestin

Uncle Chad pulling Livi & Kash

Travis pulling Livi & Brooke

Brooke would lean back and look at the ceiling while she was getting pulled.  Eventually she figured out if she put her hands out on the sides she could scoop up ice and eat it....yum!

Livi & Brooke

Grandpa Scott, Travis & Caleb

Sam & Weston

Aunt Shanah pulling Livi & Brooke

Travis pulling Livi & Brooke

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